Xian Lim Birthday Message for Kim Chiu

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane  

Xian Lim’s birthday message for girlfriend Kim Chiu. Xian Lim greeted his girlfriend, Kim Chiu, with a long sweet message that shares how their love journey begins.

“Hi @chinitaprincess ️ I just want to say that I’m the luckiest man in the world to always have you by my side. Naaalala ko pa nung first date natin, you told me that you’re worried that what we have might not last because of this crazy world we live in. Neysayers had their own versions of what they think we have. So many doubts, so many people trying keep us apart. May years later, nandito pa rin tayo para sa isa’t isa, nagmamahalan na parang walang bukas ️ I love you so much Kim, always remember that. Through thick and thin, through ups and downs, know that I’ll always be here loving you every day, every hour and every second. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU Enjoy this special day!”

This long birthday message is what Xian caption to the series of pictures of him and Kim together.

One of the pictures Xian posted is where Kim is hugging Xian closed to her heart. 

Another picture is where the two sweetly looking at each other, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of rock mountains and the ocean.

The other picture is when the couples travel abroad, wearing a coat and a headpiece for cold weather while hugging each other in the middle of the road. 

More pictures of Kim and Xian shows that both love water, especially the ocean. 

One of which is the picture of them together facing the ocean with pinkish sky going to sunset. 

Xian Lim Birthday Message for Kim Chiu. The other is a picture of both Xian and Kim’s feet are under the waters, and another one is where Xian is fondly looking at Kim, while Kimmy is smiling at the camera while the two are in the pool.

Lastly, Xian also included a picture of a sleeping Kim while he took a selfie of them together. 

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