AC Bonifacio expresses gratitude as she debuts on ‘Riverdale.’

by Admin-Phmp

Written by Cheska Alferez 

Netflix finally releases the episode that features the Kapamilya star AC Bonifacio in the hit US series ‘Riverdale,’ where she plays Star Vixen. 

In her post, the star couldn’t help but show its gratitude for her appearance. She posted again the short snippet of her and “Riverdale” star Madelaine Petsch’s Cheryl Blossom engaged in a dance-off. 

“It’s finally out…so grateful for this amazing opportunity,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a clip from the episode where she has a dance showdown with star Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom. 

“[Madelaine] was so talented, I was in awe the whole time!” she said, also praising actress Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz. 

In the following post, AC shared her and Madelaine’s photo, wearing the River Vixen cheerleader costume with its caption: “the coolest.” 

I’ll dance for Miss Topaz as her proxy,” she could be heard saying to the character of Madelaine, who was confronting Vanessa Morgan’s character. 

Her “Riverdale” character as a dancer comes as no surprise since Bonifacio, in real life, is known as an excellent dancer, especially for her K-pop covers. 

AC, known for winning Dance Kids in 2016, as part of “Lucky Aces,” shared in January that she was going to be part of Riverdale. It later revealed that she would be playing a new member of the cheerleading squad, the River Vixens. 

“There’s a new vixen in town. Three cheers for AC Bonifacio! Can’t wait to catch her in the latest episode of Riverdale,” Netflix said in its video release on Facebook. 

Bonifacio auditioned for “Riverdale” while she was in Canada during the first stretch of the coronavirus lockdown. 

Earlier, in February, AC retweeted more photos of her appearance on the teen drama from Riverdale After Dark, a podcast that’s dedicated to the show. The photos are taken from #Riverdale “Chapter Eighty-Three: Fire In The Sky.” 

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