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Agot Isidro, expressed her envies to America! ‘Tayo Binabangungot pa rin!’



Written by Abril Cyril Rodriguez

Actress Agot Isidro couldn’t help but express how envious she is of everything happening now in America after their 46th President, Joe Biden finally took an oath recently.

In a tweet, Agot expressed her feelings and compared what is happening now to America and the Philippines.

According to her, the problem in America was allegedly eliminated after Biden was sworn in.

Agot wrote,

“Nakakainggit ang US. They’re finally rid of what ails them. Kelan kaya tayo?”

She even said that America can now sleep soundly after 4 long years while the Philippines will continue to experience nightmares.

She added,

“America will be sleeping in peace again after 4 long years. Tayo, binabangungot pa din.”

Her tweet immediately circulated on social media and became the talk of the town as it seemed to be tirades to President Rodrigo Duterte again.

Most of her followers on Twitter agreed to what she said.

Said by “True, the last 4 years were unsettling for us , listening to all the bullying and name calling of a President is horrible, I can’t imagine you guys listening to all the cursing of your President, you’re in a worse situation than us”

“Walang forever matatapos din po ang bangungot na eto…#labanlang”

But some seemed to not like what Agot said.

“Mas bangungot pag nagpopost ng mga hermes si mrs paquiao,dahil yung inggit ay mas nakkmtay.”

This is not the first time that Agot showed her love in America.

When President Duterte threatened not to accept aid from the United States and other countries, the actress also criticized the chief executive.

Agot said,

“Unang-una, walang umaaway sa iyo. As a matter of fact, ikaw ang nang-aaway. Pangalawa, yung bansa kung saan ka inuluklok ng 16 million out of 100+ million people ay Third World.”

She added,

“Kung makapagsalita ka parang superpower ang Pilipinas eh. At excuse me, ayaw namin magutom. Mag-isa ka na lang. Wag kang mandamay. Hindi na nga nakakain ang nakararami, gugutumin mo pa lalo.”

Source: Agot Isidro

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