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Angelica Panganiban and Coco Martin movie Treat

by Ellon Labana


Written by RJ Jane

Angelica Panganiban and Coco Martin Movie Treat. Star Magic valentines offer for this year is another romantic comedy film with a touch of drama and a perfect balance of all. They say it is the right time for the project to be pushed through.

With what is happening around the world now, from pandemic to its tremors of minor and significant impact, it not just emphasizes our priorities in life. Still, most significantly, it shows how important money is. It is a must-have necessity that we should strive harder and worked harder to earned. It is powerful means for everyday needs.

Angelica’s natural funny personality and an icon in making successful RomComs say yes to a movie with Philippines primetime king running to its six years now in the Ang Probinsiyano says perfect timing is really their queue for this project. Their first time to work together in a movie is a wish come true for Coco Martin and a pressure from Angelica.

This 2021 a movie treat from Coco Martin and the Angelica Panganiban that offers happiness but definitely a heart bite.

In this high time that everyone is required to be secure, does a person’s Love comes with a price? As this movie says, between romance and hobbies or you will choose Love over money, your choice will always be yours, but choices come with reason just like everyone.

From the makers of She’s the One, Bride for Rent, Crazy Beautiful You, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Four Sisters Before the Wedding, and now here comes the newest movie treat for all.

They say Love is all we need, but Love cannot be eaten. They say money can buy happiness, but you cannot marry money. They say money does not hurt people, and once you earned it, it is yours and yours alone.

Love or Money, a film by Mae Cruz-Albiar, is streaming this March 12, 2021.

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