Assunta and Alessandra de Rossi Super Sister Bond

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Assunta and Alessandra de Rossi Super Sister’s Bond is something to be admired of. The younger De Rossi revealed in an interview that she once told her sister that she is very much willing to took the IVF to carry her sister’s child.

Alessandra shared that she saw how much her sister suffered after several failed attempts to conceive and that she offered to be a carrier of her sister’s baby. She recalled how her sister told her she cannot go through the same pain, the same process again. 

This is Alessandra’s reason to volunteer but her sister just laughs at her that she never knew whether her sister Assunta even considered or took her words or took it for granted.

“Gusto mo ba ako ang magdala? Wala din naman akong direksyon sa buhay,” Alessandra added how she is very much willing to do the ordeal of carrying the baby without payment but then her sister’s reaction to her is priceless that she is not sure what running in her sister’s head.

Alessandra remembering the feeling when she was told of her sister finally having the baby but told to kept it a secret. “Hindi ako umiyak. Hindi ko alam anong naramdaman ko, hindi ko siya ma-explain. Pero tuwang tuwa ako siyempre.”

Alessandra message to her sister says “Masaya ako na ‘yung years na na-form ako, ang kasama ko ay siya. Balanse ‘yung pagkasiraulo niya and pagkamabait niya. She’s my partner in crime. Kapag nauna si Ate, next ka na. Pero kapag hindi ginawa ni Assunta, wala akong gagawin na ganun.” 

The family is very happy to finally have the baby after 19 years of trying, Assunta de Rossi is married to Jules Ledesma in 1995.

Both Alexandra and Assunta de Rossi map their names in the awarded artist in the Philippines Show-business.

Assunta de Rossi won Metro Manila Film Festival best actress for the movie Hubog in 2001 while Alessandra won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Azucena in FAMAS Awards.

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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