Forgiveness for Janno Gibbs

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Forgiveness for Janno Gibbs. This is many chances of forgiveness given to the singer as comedian Kitkat gives herself a gift of freeing from hurt and pain she felt after the cursing incident that happened on February 18, in the recorded taping for Happy Time episode. 

Happy Time is a daily noontime show in Net 25 hosted by Anjo Yllana, Kitkat Favia, and Janno Gibbs.

KitKat said the taped episode is to be on a shelf for they are back to live telecast already.

 The comedian posted in her Facebook account details on how she decides for forgiveness and her reasons for doing so.

“Maraming salamat sa suporta at pagmamahal ninyo.. 

Dahil ako po ay minamahal ninyo at alam kong blessed ako, AKO PO AY NAKAPAG PATAWAD NA! sino ba naman ako para hindi magpatawad, ang DYOS pinatawad ako sa mga kasalanan ko , nararapat lamang na ako ay magpatawad… makakagaan sa aking buhay at loob… 

Opo sa lahat ng nangyari, totoo po lahat yun, pero again AKO PO AY NAGPAPATAWAD NA … thank YOU LORD for the strength ”

She also pointed some of her thinking went specially to what actress Cherry Pie Picache did to the culprit of the killing of her late mother. 

Kitkat shares the values she grown-up with and the factor of living with the words in the Bible and the thinking of losing her life of a sudden that might question herself asking forgiveness from the Lord if she cannot even forgive those who have hurt her.

The said incident that caused the trouble between Janno and Kitkat is where Janno Gibbs lose patience during the taping and began shouting and cursing Kitkat with inappropriate words in the set.

Janno only denies the allegation and said “Huwag maniwala sa tsismis!” to answer the netizen’s fiery comments and reactions to the news.

Kitkat ended the story with words saying “Totoo naman lahat ang nangyari. Nasaktan ako nang sobra, galit pamilya ko.Pero sino ba naman ako para hindi magpatawad? Everybody needs a second chance kahit sabi ng iba na ilang chance na ‘yan kay Kuya Janno. AKO PO AY NAKAPAGPATAWAD NA”


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