Beholding Crocodile Mountain: The Padada View Deck Experience

by Ellon Labana


Written and Photos by RB Jane

“15 minutes!” this hoax made four of my friends and me make a schedule for our Saturday climb to see the crocodile.

News about the breathtaking scenic view of the crocodile mountain is what ignites us to go.

Luckily one of our officemates lives in the municipality where the mountain is. So we devise with the mother to let us visit and make a whole Padada experience for all of us haven’t been in the insides of the place even if it is just the very short drive from our city.

Our day starts late because the places we plan to visit are just near, but we thought wrong.

The said 15 minutes hike took us nearly an hour because the trail path is all upward, and the summer kiss of the sun makes our trail harder than usual, for it doubles our pulses.

With only water and some chips, we lack gear to shed ourselves from the burning heat, so we often make stops to regain ourselves.

Perseverance paid off because the breathtaking view on the Padada view deck is priceless.  

For only an hour climb for us but maybe 15 to 30 minutes for pro hikers, reaching there and seeing the best view is all worth it.

Padada View Deck or locally known as Crocodile Mountain, it is located east of Poblacion  Padada, Davao del Sur.  

You can take local transport via tricycle from the municipal terminal to reach the foot of the mountain or ask around for directions if you go there with a service as locals are aware of tourists flocking the mountain for its offering.

No form of a vehicle is allowed to go up; only a government truck that is improving in paving the road and finishing the government hall at the peak, for the view deck itself is still under construction.

No fees are collected to climb the Padada Mountain.

The mountain offers 360-degree scenery, and the view deck is perfect for pictorials.  

It has a clear view of the ocean, and of course, we trail up the mountains of Padada because we wanted to see ourselves the crocodile mountain.

But the crocodile is nowhere near the mountain, but the famous crocodile mountain is in front of the deck.

The magnificent scenery is overwhelming and breathtaking, that the 15 minutes trail hoax is an okay deal to witness such terrific art of nature.

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