Kim Chiu and Her Bags Over 15 Years

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Funny, full of energy and kikay cuteness overload, Kimmy shows everyone her room specially made to house her signature bags, where she collected over her 15 years in showbizness.

 Most requested by her more than two million YouTube subscribers, Kim Chiu gives her fans a treat.

Mix collections of signature bags from Gucci,  Celine, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, MCM, Berkins, Kellys, Channel, Valentino, Botigga, YSL, Boyds, Belladonna, Burberry’s, Fendy, Torry Burch, Givenchy and Christian Dior.

Kimmy shares that she is not a fan of Channel yet she has a collection because of her love for the Blackpink member Jenny; her Christian Dior’s are because of Jisoo.

Kimmy shares the reason why the door has a vented design. When she opens her airconditioned in her room, the cool air enters to hydrate the temperature in her bag room to maintain the condition of her precious bags.

Kimmy also shares that all her bags have backstories and sentimental value for her; that is why she never takes any off, but instead, she keeps on adding to her collection, some she sells for donation to help specific causes.

Some of Kim Chiu’s ways to maintain and hydrate her bags are aside from cleaning them every two weeks and putting water in a container to some corners so that the leather will not absorb the heat.

Kim shares that she is more into small bags, where she can put small wallets, alcohol, and lipstick.

A center in her display is her first Hermes bag where she had it painted by her Idol, Philippine fashion icon Heart Evangelista.

Also well-kept in her room is her first LV purchased when she is 18 years old, even if she bought it a second hand yet wanted to take care of it. Kim shares that the three first luxury bags and her two Coach bags remind her of her humble beginnings.

She showed her two small bags that she doesn’t even know where and how to use and her bags that she hadn’t used yet.

Her go-to bag is her Belladonna’s, and her favorites are the Gucci, her pink, white, and red slings.
When asked how many bags she owed, Kimmy doesn’t know the figures but says she has plenty, and it is her 15 years of hard work in the showbiz industry.  

For complete details of Kim Chiu’s bag collection, watch the video.

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