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Toni’s Near Death Experience



Written by RB Jane

Toni Gonzaga’s Near-death Experience. White as paper and head swaying lifelessly in the arms of Daddy Bonoy, Toni is hurried in the jeepney to be taken to the hospital after she suddenly collapses while playing. Part of the story Mommy Pinty shares in Toni Gonzagas Toni Talks on YouTube. Toni had her mom for an interview for the particular content she posted for Mothers Day.

Also present in the vlog is Toni’s equally talented and much talkative sister Alex Gonzaga. Teary-eyed and emotional as Mommy Pinty took a walk in the memory lane when the scariest experience of her being a mom to Celestine happened. Toni mentioned that her mom took a quiet time inside the room, but it doesn’t stop there; her mom took shelter inside the cabinet because of the mixed emotions she has at that very moment.

Mommy Pinty shares that she is praying hard inside the cabinet.Details of the event as Mommy Pinty remembers that Celestine or Toni is a one-year-old toddler, and that day, Toni has a fever yet got a little better as the day developed.

Mommy Pinty even went out for a couple of hours and went home to see that Celestine is doing okay for the Little Toni still off for playing and running around. Pinty got nervous when Toni’s uncle called Pinty’s attention about why is Ton’is color is unusual and pale, then follows with a shout that Celestin collapses. Everyone is panicked and rushed to get Celestine to the hospital.

Mommy Pinty remembers that she gave the unconscious Toni to her mother, and then she proceeded to the bedroom and stay inside the cabinet, for she didn’t know what to do. She is just a young mother. Pinty got Toni at the age of 19. As persuaded by Toni, Mommy Pinty shares that she did pray inside the cabinet and prayed hard that Toni would survive and be alive, yet she also prepared herself for whatever will happen.

Toni’s Near Death Experience. Mommy Pinty shares that if her child is dead, she will accept it, but she hopes that Toni is alive. On the other hand, Pinty’s husband Boyong took Toni’s lifeless form in his arms and road the jeepney to the hospital and while on the road as Toni’s head is swaying the rush of the wind while on travel returns young Toni to reality and that she is alive. Yet, the family continued taking Toni to the hospital for admission.

For the complete details, watch this.

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