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Bia: the Vlogger Baby is Finally Out



Written by RB Jane

Born to a 10million up follower’s Mommy Zainab Harake and more than 2.5 million followers, Daddy Sauce, the YouTube controversial couple, online influencer, artist, and content creator’s baby girl, finally our to the real world.

First-time parents Zeiryl both uploaded content in their accounts about the unexplainable joy of their parent’s journey to baby Bia.

While Zainab’s content talks about her story firsthand in tears and details, scanning back to her previous vlogs about baby Bia, Darryl’s way of expressing his appreciation and happiness is through voice-over and calm realization and messages.

Madam Zainab explains in full detail why she needs to undergo cesarian labor citing her health issues and complications on top of her dreaming of delivering Bia in the usual way.

Zebby said she followed the doctor’s advice because she doesn’t want to risk her and baby Bia’s safety.

Zainab takes all her followers to her journeys that shooting before and after her hospital and labor experience videos are patiently documented.

Madam wanted to have everything saved because if she wanted to go back with the memories and remissness, all is kept.

Zainab is still in the adjustment phase, especially that she needs to take extra precautions about her operation while she also needs to pump her milk because Bia won’t suck on her directly.

Zainab is in extra full of feelings that she suddenly cries and admits that it is normal for new mothers to feel postpartum and that she cries and cries over small things.

Upon telling so many things about her motherhood journey, Daddy Darryl also makes his vlog content super extra unique because of the smooth voice citing all the changes that happened because Bea came into their lives.

While the camera is rolling to the momentum of having the new girl in his life, Darryl Ong says he’ll be the best daddy for the princess.

Watch the whole video here.


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