Online Seller Millionaire at 22

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

The online seller becomes Millionaire at 22. Self-doubt and career valuation are two things Joyce Sibayan fought the hardest. Her journey in online selling twined with hard work and tears.

Joyce shares that her journey started with her selling preloved clothes and chili garlic oil which she made herself.

Joyce is selling the stuff in her school and sometimes did house-to-house selling with the help of her very supportive boyfriend whenever she doesn’t have a class schedule.

Joyce also opened her shop for her merchandise, sells SG cosmetics, and tries rebranding, but sadly the shop closed due to the pandemic.

I'M MILLIONAIRE AT 22!! 🥂🎉Kanina pag punta ko sa coop para mag deposit mangiyak ngiyak ako sa tuwa 😭Sobrang special ng…

Posted by Joyce Sibayan on Monday, April 26, 2021

Joyce also said that the very momentum day has come because as she went to the cooperative to deposit cash, she was delighted to know that she reaches her first million at the age of 22.

Despite all the problems she went through earlier this year, she made her first million and called it a blessing.

Joyce stressed that she never thought of reaching the million this soon because she had purchased for the family’s room renovations, and Joyce had splurged in her spending and gone out of hand.

Try and try and try is what Joyce did before reaching her success today.
Joyce also shares she faces plenty of trial and error, failures and defeats, making her almost give up on her dreams.

She even fought breakdowns and frustration, but Joyce said she rise above all of it because, in life, you have no other choice but to stand up and fight.

Joyce said that who could have been thought that the one once told to be a loser, slow in her academics, and even judge that she will never go far will make it this early.

She shares that someone who seems like her, judged and least chosen but has dreams life doesn’t matter who is the most intelligent but rather life matters who has the greatest pursuits.

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