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BTS drops the new Japanese single ‘Film Out.’


Written by Cheska Alferez

BTS drops their explosive music video for their new single “Film Out,” which was released on April 1.

BTS drops the new Japanese single ‘Film Out.’. According to BTS Japan’s update, “‘Film Out’ is an emotional ballad” about “thinking of that person who still comes to mind” and “never disappears from the heart.”

The video showcases a look into an alternative timeline where time stops and the boys live out their individual lives within alluring landscapes. The clip depicts all seven BTS members dressed in white inside a house in the sky, reflecting on their memories with each other.

Jin notices an hourglass ticking down the time that the group has with each other, leading up to a dramatic explosion. He’s left alone in the house until a sudden red-hot explosion leaves the house in disarray, a scene that members of the ARMY have compared to an early one in BTS’s “Fake Love” music video from 2018.

The new song will be featured on the group’s upcoming Japanese compilation album, ‘BTS, the Best,’ which was announced on March 25 and is set for release on June 16.

The song was produced by Iyori Shimizu (who is part of the rock band Back Number) and UTA of TinyVoice Production with the participation of BTS member Jung Kook for the Japanese movie remake of the South Korean drama SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, which is out last April 2.

Fans believe the other striking cinematic parallels between both music videos to mean that they exist in parallel universes.

BTS’ “Film out,” which launched Thursday, claims #1 on the song sales chart as of press time at 9 AM ET Friday morning, and in less than 24 hours, this BTS song has crossed 280 million views on YouTube. Credit for it also goes to the AMRY, making sure that people stream FILM OUT to break all records.

Several BTS fans took to Twitter, appealing to people to stream the famous K-pop band’s new song. BTS fans also kept track of the views being reported on the song each hour.

As of the writing, ‘Film Out’ MV has surpassed 50 MILLION views on YouTube. This becomes the fastest Japanese MV to achieve this milestone!

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