Daniel Padilla Say Yes to Kathryn

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Daniel Padilla Say Yes to Kathryn. It is a Yes from the teen king to his queen. Daniel Padilla gives girlfriend a valentine’s gift of a tell-all interview for Kath’s YouTube account.

Daniel is a very private person who, despite of him being a celebrity, keeps his wall high to his personal preferences, especially with his family and point of view.

As the teen queen opens a channel where she could get closer to her fans and followers, she prepared a special treat for all. 

Daniel is gracing her channel for an interview with questions she never asks her boyfriend in real life.

Typical Daniel from the clan of Padilla’s known for his honesty and straight to its virtues and causes, sitting for an interview with a question that might put him under pressure makes both girlfriend and the couple’s colossal fan base very excited and happy. A Valentines’ treat indeed.

The video title “Questions I never ask my boyfriend.” Kath cannot contain her happiness with Dj’s presence as she introduces her boyfriend in her blog.

Kath also introduces their daughters, as she calls namely Summer, Einstein, Lola, and Snowy. She also shares that they are in their 9th year in relation and will celebrate their anniversary on this coming May.

Kath personally prepares the questions like what perfect day is for Daniel, what makes DJ feel most love, does DJ regret them starting the relationship early, and what are the things that make Daniel mad. 

The talk makes everyone even crazier when Daniel firmly pointed his side to Kathryn’s question if he gets offended whenever questions about them getting married are being raised, that Kath usually answers with “Matagal pa!”

It shows that the couple already talked about plans of when they are tying the knot, and DJ said to Kathryn. 

“Di naman ayoko rin naming madaliin” then Daniel added with “Pero yung sakin lang wag lang tayo malalate, yun lang yun sakin, alam mo na yung sinabi ko sayo, paminsan ang dami mong gustong gawin di mo napapasin napag-iwanan kana , tandaan nyu yan, minsan puro nalang tayo, gusto natin to gusto pa natin gawin to, magigisng ka nalang naiwan na ako.”

“May pinag usapan na tayo na dapat, hindi na tayo pwede ma late dun!”

 Watch the full video for the complete interview details. 

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