SB19’s Ikalawang Yugto (New Era Trailer) has been released!

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Written by Cheska Alferez

SB19’s Ikalawang Yugto (New Era Trailer) has been released!. Goosebumps all over as the Ppop group SB19 drops their trailer for Ikalawang Yugto, February 15.

It was indeed about time to move on from the GITZ era, for SB19 is once and for all back in the zone this coming March 2021 to start another new and explosive era.

As SB19 dropped their teaser, A’TIN’s were all shocked and speechless. It was absolutely unexpected because it exceeded almost everyone’s expectations.

This trailer is not just a simple one; they give too much time and effort for this. Not to mention is the artistry and bravery to break the Philippines’ norms in terms of the music scene.

SB19’s Ikalawang Yugto (New Era Trailer) has been released!. The incredible cinematography, making the trailer feels like a movie due to its outstanding quality. The visual of the boys was really being highlighted in the trailer. Outfits that give off an intense grand vibe making them look like a King ready to sit on their throne.

Standards are being set way too up high by these boys, indeed the Ppop Kings!

The boys slay the music scene with courage and their overflowing creativity.

What’s more surprising is that SB19 Sejun, the leader of the group, changed his name into “Pablo,” which relates to his real name John Paulo. Oh well, brace yourself, for we are about to see Pinunong Pablo lead again on their Ikalawang Yugto.

SB19’s Ikalawang Yugto (New Era Trailer) has been released!. A fun and fantastic fact behind the Ikalawang Yugto is that every detail from the trailer screams, “Pinoy lahat ng ito!” It’s a collaboration of an all- Filipino Team! Starting from the all- Filipino boy group working with an all- Filipino production team. Even the location is in the Philippines, their majestic outfit and stylist.

Their hashtag #SB19IkalawangYugtoTrailer even got to trend at number 2, Worldwide! Wow, the power A’TINXSB19 holds!

Don’t miss out on their Ikalawang Yugto (New Era Trailer). Watch now

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