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Dingdong Dantes work as a Food Delivery Driver



Written by RB Jane

Dingdong Dantes work as a Food Delivery Driver for a day. For a whole regular day working hours Kapuso Primetime King took off from his throne and rode his motorbike and did 9:30 am to 3:00 pm shift of work. 

From being a very hands-on founding Chairman of YesPinoy Foundation while also managing his AgostoDos Pictures film studio aside from being an actor, dancer, and named one of the most influential celebrities in the country today adds his long list of achievements with another venture of both business and charity.

The actor ended his day with the realization that it fired him much to pursue his causes.

I finished 6 deliveries this Valentine’s Day. But on an average, delivery riders accomplish around 8-10 transactions on good days like this one.” Dong intro caption to his post in his Instagram account about his daily adventure.

Dantes added his observation about the level of difficulty our riders facing everyday  “I started at 9:30 am and ended before 3 pm, and as i sit here at home waiting for early dinner, I realize how difficult this job is. There are so many factors to consider: heat, dehydration, heavy traffic, wrong addresses – which can cause panic and delays, customer’s temperament, plus the danger of getting into accidents especially if you have not been properly trained.” 

DingDong Ph with a tag line that says “You Ring It, We Bring It!” is a food delivery service that Dingdong started. The idea was rooted when some persons Dong had worked with behind the camera lost jobs from lockdown.

The delivery service core values of Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Innovation, and Empowerment also offers DingDong Riders to improve their quality of life through opportunities and continuous career growth, monitoring, and mentoring. While Dong’s humanitarian heart doesn’t just stop with putting up a delivery service and offers enhancement programs, it goes all the way to experience it personally for a day.

Source: Instagram

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