Erwan Huessaff Talks about Value of Money

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Erwan Huessaff talks about the value of money. The Fat Kid Inside website and the Fat kid itself, Erwan Huessaff, take a moment to sit down with close friends Nico Bolzico and Wil Dasovich for a podcast those talks about the importance of money and the faces of success.

These unusual times with words straight from social media stars sharing their views and opinions on things that are vital in building a life, in general, is an open window for everyone to get closer to these personalities and grasp life learning’s as well.

Ann Curtis’s husband talks about how he sees money and the scale of success with the ways to look at it.

“Money is unfortunately it’s something that gives you that privilege to be able to spend time with people,”

He further explains his mind by talking about the two ways to look at it. 

“For me money still plays an important role. What age has taught me though, is what I was told Ma earlier is in terms of what success should look like and what that scale of success it should be!” 

Erwan is not just a celebrity husband or a hunk chef who travels for content, but he finds ways to combine his love of food, health, and travel into his website, The Fat Kid Inside

His website serves as a central hub for all of Heussaff’s Internet ventures.

Erwan also talks about the importance of valuing your happiness while pursuing your goals because it doesn’t matter how hard you grasp for everything. Still, it is on being the focus and being effective in what you are doing, and being healthy yourself as well.

He further says that “Not everything you start will become successful.” 

Hubstaff stresses how important being focus is, and it applies to everything you do in life.

For more powerful words from Erwan, watch this.

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