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Solenn Heussaff husband- Nico Bolzico is an Emotional Father to Daughter Thylane



Written by RB Jane 

Solenn Heussaff’s husband- Nico Bolzico, is an emotional father to daughter Thylane. Nico Bolzico is Solenn Huessaff’s husband and the father of Solenn’s daughter Thylane. Nico and Solenn held their wedding in Combourg, France, last May 21, 2016.

 Nico is a businessman who originally from Argentine. He founded and owned LM10 and Siebra Directa Corp.  

 LM10 friendly organization whose objective is to invest in agribusiness technology in the Philippines, while Siebra Directa Corp. is a direct seeding technique introduced for the first time in the Philippines’ history. 

Nico is primarily seen in his crazy antics with wife Solenn and close friends Erwan and Will, but a different Nico is shown in a podcast blogger Wil Dasovich posted in his youtube account.

 Mr. Bolzico navigates to 180 degrees in talking about fatherhood and how he makes choices when it includes his daughter Thylane.

Nico has been vocal about how attached he is with his daughter that his decision to take care of himself is part of his prioritizing his daughter’s welfare.

Evidence of his being a stage father shows in his update in his Instagram account.

Even if Thylane is still a baby and far from being an adult, it is already tag by the father that she is in the no boyfriends club lane. 

Nico, as a father already posting something to whoa suitors away.

“To all the suitors out there: #Tilibolz is # ElPadre’s girl!”

“Even though we couldn’t do much this year, I am still very thankful because I was able to enjoy special moments with #Tilibolz! I can not wait to continue sharing with you and start rejecting all those potential suitors!

 #NoBoyfriendsClub  #TuloyAngBuhay  #LiveBetter

“Reunited w my girls! My heart is full again! We stayed sit there for like an hour!Please ignore the color of my hair, will go back to normal! Promise!”

Nico says his daughter is his number one priority, which is non-negotiable; everything around comes after his daughter.

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