Ian Rowe S. Giron: Philippines’ Man of Universe

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by Henrylito D. Tacio
Photos courtesy of Ian Rowe S. Giron

Ian Rowe S. Giron may not sound a bell to anyone, but he may catch the attention of Filipinos – particularly the ladies – soon. After all, he is the second titleholder of Man of the Philippines and was crowned Man of the Universe-Philippines during the second edition of the pageant.

Now in his 30s, this 5’9” hunk from Sarangani Province – that’s where Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao comes from – is an overseas Filipino worker and aims to be the first Filipino delegate to win the Man of the Universe title.

Giron currently works as an administrative coordinator in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The competition has been delayed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Still, he has been continuously preparing for the competition (which will be held in Cebu) with his physical training and intellectual preparation.

“I join Man of the Universe because this has been my long-time dream to present the Philippines through an international platform,” Giron says. “It is my passion to perform on stage and inspire the young generation bringing a global impact.”

Giron really wanted to become an actor when he was still a little boy. “I was dreaming to be an actor but it led me to this path,” he says now.

He admits that his role model is the award-winning thespian Dingdong Dantes. “He is just more than a celebrity,” he says of the Filipino actor. “He is a philanthropist, a youth ambassador and an influential leader. That is the kind of path I want to follow and I hope that an international pageant will be an instrument for me to become like him.”

In representing the country, which has already won four Miss Universe titles, he says, “Definitely, it is an honor and its overwhelming for me to represent the Philippines. It takes courage and determination to bring glory for our country. Thus, with the collaborative efforts and collective ideas of my team, family and friends, victory is achievable for the nation and as a nation.”

Giron is not just a hunk, a handsome face, and a model. When it comes to mathematics, he is a man of his own.

Most students consider mathematics as “the hardest subject.” In fact, there are those who cannot graduate because of getting a failure in the subject. And some students hate it – even just by hearing the professor of the subject.

But there’s a saying that the more you hate, the more you love. If you can’t lick them, join them, goes another saying.

That was what Giron did. After graduating from Alabel National Science High School in 2006, he enrolled at the Mindanao State University in General Santos City as a Sarangani Province scholar. Although he hated mathematics when he was still in high school, he took a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

At first, it was alright. He was already in his third year in college when he failed in some of the subjects. He seemed to be out of focus in his studies. “I joined modeling at male pageants,” he said of the reason. “I was distracted by doing those extra-curricular activities and I mismanaged my time.”

Despite it, he really wanted to finish college. So, it was then that he shifted to Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. “Both courses were closely related,” he said. “Similarly, both courses are also very hard.”

When asked why mathematics is such a hard subject, Giron explained: “Mathematics is hard because it is about figures, computations, and solving problems. Most people don’t want to have problems so that’s why they despise mathematics. But seriously speaking, math is about logic, finding different solutions to solve a certain case problem. Math is logical and figurative, and so does life. And that is the reason why math is really applicable to our day-to-day activities.”

After graduating from college in 2011, he did some menial jobs. It was not until he joined a bank company that he finally found a better job. “Being part of the bank was the best thing I will always remember and be thankful for,” he said. “It was a dream that came true. I salute all the bankers because their job is very risky, the work load is very heavy and high pressure is put on them.”

Giron may never be like Albert Einstein, his favorite mathematician, but he was inspired by him. “Einstein was weak and rejected and was dismissed as failure,” he said. “But he fought back for his passion. He even quoted this statement from the master: “Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong; it is character.”

Giron gave this idea as the interpretation of the above quote: “No matter how educated and skillful a person is, the character will always be the core of every success.”

On why he joined male pageants and did some stints as a model, Giron replied: “It was really alright to make yourself busy doing the things you love. But the only thing was that I sacrificed my priority which was my studies. I think, we need to balance everything in life.”

At one time, he won the Ginoong Alabel 2009. He also had an opportunity of working with some modeling agencies. “I started ramp modeling in General Santos City when I was in college,” he recalled. “I know there is always a better looking person than me. This is something that motivates me to become humble all the more and work hard to improve myself.”

Although he is already 30, he still maintains that hunk body. How does he maintain his physique? “I started doing workouts when I joined male pageants,” he says. “I don’t do diet since it’s too hard to absorb, so I would say, balanced lifestyle is my secret. Not too much junk foods, soft drinks, and alcohol. If possible, don’t smoke. Drink a lot of water. Make fruits and vegetables as part of your meal every day.”

Does that sound like an actor talking – or perhaps Man of the Universe?

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