Ion Perez Makes Vice Ganda Health a Priority

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Ion Perez makes Vice Ganda health a priority. The Showtime couple becomes very open to the public regarding their relationship and mostly becomes the source of fun and a catalyst of change and inspiration to other couples, especially in the same situation.

Benigno Dungo Perez, or Ion Perez, is a model who gains attention after taking the Kuya escort position in the Q and A segment of Showtime opposite Jackie as the Ate Girl’s character.

As Vice throws jokes, admiration, and trying to win Jackie in a Filipino style of wooing a girl, having a love triangle in the face of Ion Perez sparks a colorful and more fun afternoon.

Ion becomes a regular face in Showtime even if the Q and A segment ended and the next thing madlang people known is that Ion is the newest happy pill for Vice Ganda and vice versa.

Ion Perez and Vice Ganda did not deny the rumors but admitted it and they now live together happily.

Vice shared during the ShowTime spell bout Ion’s decision to stop going to the gym for the moment, as the government implemented the new wave of preventive measures to limit and control the movement in public places. The limited movement to establishments is part of the LGU’s actions to fight the second wave of the Covid-19 virus.

With the high rise of new confirmed cases, it is vital to prioritize our health.

Vice Ganda candidly shares about Ions sacrificing his gym activities for his health and staying at home to make sure you don’t acquire any virus outside.

 Other ShowTime host also shares their off activities due to Covid restrictions. Teddy Corpuz shares he’s biking also was put to a stop for the same reasons. 

Kim Chui teases Vice that he could be Ion weights for the time being, and other ShowTime personalities are full of praises to Ion and Vice Ganda’s sweetness with each other.

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