Kris Bernal and Her 14 Startstruck Showbiz Years

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Kris Bernal and her 14 Startstruck showbiz years. Bernal shares her humble beginnings in a caption of the picture she posted in her Instagram account to commemorates her 14th showbiz anniversary.

“A series of failed auditions until.. Dream! Believe! Survive! Starstruck! 😂✨ Today marks my 14th year anniversary in the showbiz industry! To become an actress was my ultimate dream and I had written it in my slumbook when I was only 10! SWIPE LEFT for evidence and my first showbiz photo! Lol! 😂 It’s definitely hardwork, persevance, and prayers! Not to mention the support from family, friends, and fans! ⭐️”

In real life, Kris Bernal, or Kristine Ann Tan Bernal, is a 31-year-old actress who rose to fame after she bested the fourth season of GMA’s StarStruck in 2006. She won as the ultimate female survivor together with   Ultimate Love Team Mart Escudero. 

Bernal is best remembered for her projects together with loveteam Aljur Abrenica.

The actress shared that hard work, perseverance, prayers, and support from loved ones is her core of making it this far in the industry.

 “Everyone has dreams and the wonderful thing is, nothing is impossible. Some people never try. Make sure you’re one of those people who never really stops. Reach for the star and keep your feet on the ground. ✨?”

“To become an actress was my ultimate dream and I had written it in my [slambook] when I was only 10!”

 Like regular girls, Kris speaks about being an actress as her dream when she was ten and fondly writing it down in a slambook.

Kris is an advocate of self-love after she survives depression, and she never forgets where she comes from and where she started. 

She continues to inspire people with her stories and her victories.

“Dream it. Everything begins in the heart and mind.

 Believe it. Yes, your dream needs to be big.

 Survive it. Only those with resilience and the willingness to persevere will pass the test.

Source: GMA

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