Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo CoLove to Moira Paubaya.

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo CoLove to Moira Paubaya. The singing duo uploaded their version of the most talk-about song by Moria Dela Torre titled Paubaya.

The gift of voice and the lover’s musicality extends to the highest level as the two serenades everyone with their heartfelt song.

Jennylyn on the front with her vocals never fails to make fans move to tears as the calmness of her soulful voice fills the studio.

Dennis pro attacks with the song while hitting the drum set to deepen the meaning of its lyrics and make it a powerful rendition so much different from the original.

This singing lover’s tandem makes fans and followers fall for the love and falls deeper for their music.

Their video updates of song covers make them more worthy of being just a celebrity couple and show pure passion and pure talent in the showbiz industry.

The song’s lyrics hit the saddest part of a relationship that both Jen and Dennis hold experiences of their own that make them powerful relate with their CoLove covers.

Histories of their relationships and their breakups’ stories are visible on social media because of the nature of the job they choose.

Choosing to stay with each other after they got back to a relationship last 2015 makes them on the celebrity couple’s top list.

Both Mercado and Trillo have sons on their previous partner. Dennis Trillo is with a son of former actress Charlene Aquilar named Calix Andreas and Jennylyn’s son Alex Jazz with actor Patrick Garcia.

While both Dennis and Jen have histories of relationship, which still part of their presence because of their sons singing Paubaya is more meaningful to them?

The short six-minute video holds long and profound stories that are very relatable to many and speaks to reality.

As the songs spoke with everyone, it also mends questions, and it lets one peace with what happened.

Source: News ABS-CBN

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