Kris Aquino Finally Breaks her Silence

by Ellon Labana


Written By RB Jane

Kris Aquino finally breaks her silence after a long time of keeping numb about nasty rumors, speculations, and assumptions with her two sons Josh and Bimby.

Josh is Kris’s son with actor Philip Salvador, and her youngest, Bimby, is her lovechild with basketball star James Yap.

Everyone was caught to attention when rumors about the pregnancy of Josh Aquinos girlfriend flooded in social media.

 Rumors also said that Kris even arranges and build a house for her grandchild. 

Another rumor rose in early March, directing the Youngest of Kris Aquino’s sons questioning Bimby’s identity and gender issues after a video of the mother and son with a family friend was the post to the public. 

As many netizens react and ride with the Aquino’s news, there are showbiz personalities who took a stand to make a word for the issues. Ogie Diaz as a writer himself and an actor who is in the same industry, takes time to share some points with fonder.

“Kung meron mang tao na una nating mababalitaan na nakabuntis si Joshua, yan ay si Kris Aquino. Hindi magpapahuli si Kris Aquino. Kaya yung mga nag-iimbento hindi ko na masabi, Diyosko, tigilan niyo na yung mga ganyan. Gusto niyo lang maka-attract ng views,”

“Sa mga netizens naman, sa mga nanunuod ng showbiz news sa YouTube, huwag ho kayo basta basta maniniwala sa mga binabasang report lang. Pero wala namang pruwebang ipinapakita. Kasi yang mga yan ay nang-a-attract lang ng viewers. Kaya diyan tayo mag-iingat,” 

After a long time of keeping in silence, the Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino, finally took everyone’s actions. She is to put an end to all news around her health and her two sons, Josh and Bimby.

“I am not blind, and I am not stupid… In a span of a week my children have been used to trigger me,”

“I know my son doesn’t identify being gay BUT in the event that he ever does, he will still be my son.”

As a mother to protect her children, Kris says, “picked the wrong children to harass and bully because this mother knows your motives.”

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