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Megastar Sharon Cuneta Plea Prayers for Fanny Serrano



Written by RB Jane

Megastar Sharon Cuneta plea prayers for Fanny Serrano. Celebrity Stylist Fanny Serrano suffers from massive stokes calls for close friend Sharon Cuneta to post a video. The Megastar is crying and asking for help, not just limited to her fans and followers but also to everyone who could lift a moment of prayer for the stylist. 

Fanny Serrano, Felix Mariano Fausto Jr.in real life, is known to be a beauty guru, as he stokes first hands-on doing celebrities make-up in his prime years. 

Serrano is a Beauty Pioneer and a businessman who ventures into owning a beauty salon, a line in the fashion industry, and appeared in movies and TV drama series. 

Some of Fanny’s showbiz appearances are his work in Tarima, Tulak, Babangon ako’t Dudurugin Kita, and Maala-ala mo Kaya.

While crying, Sharon able to convey the message of asking for prayers. Even if Sharon is deeply emotional, she shares how she first hesitated to do the video but opted for it. Sharon feels the need to ask as much help she can for gathering prayer warriors to pray for her Tita Fanny.

“Hi guys, it’s me again, I’m still not feeling so well, but it’s a private thing supposedly, but I can’t, there’s no way around it. I really would just like to ask for your prayers because Tita Fanny Serrano had a massive stroke today,”

 “He’s being treated, he’s conscious, but please can I just ask you to pray for him,”

 “I’m sorry but I need — prayers work wonders talaga, so can you just please, please pray for Tita Fanny, I love him so much, he’s been like a family to me for three decades, please, please pray for him, his healing, thank you so much,”

Mega’s effort in gathering prayers for Tita Fanny is significant as Serrano already had experience and endured an attack in September of 2016.

Source: Inquirer

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