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Mt. Dinor: Experience Patience



Written and Photos by RB Jane

Standing 1274 meters above sea level and a three to four hours walk to reach the peak.

A whole day hike and traverse is a trying thing, especially for beginners, but definitely a climb to remember.

Mt. Dinor is located in Brgy. Sinoron, Municipality of Sta. Cruz in the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines.

The Mt. Dinor trail up to reach the peak is also the same path going down, yet a side trip to experience the Pilan river and the river’s three famous spots is a plus.

Before you go for an adventure to trail Mt. Dinor first thing first, you need to schedule your climb date and know something about the place. This way, you can make sure the security and safety measure for your climb.

The best thing to is coordinate with local guides which are available on Facebook or YouTube, scan a little bit on the comment section and reviews to check legit guides, or coordinate with Sta. Cruz tourism for the mountain trails in the municipality of Sta. Cruz and the local guides are closely working hand in hand to promote local tourism.

Things to bring and prepare will be communicated by your assigned guide and further information like fees, especially the jump-off time.

An environmental fee of 50 pesos per head is collected in the assembly area right in front of the Sinuron Brgy. Hall.
Warm-up exercise with stretching, hike orientation, and of course prayer, and your off to go.

The trail road is already clear and very safe for the trekkers as it becomes one of the most visited mountain trails in the province.

The community along the way is selling meals and refreshers, so trekkers don’t need to bring many things on the day hike.

Available on the trail is “Pastil,” ready-to-eat rice with viand wrap in banana leaves.

Also available on the stop overs are cold waters, cola’s, and any refreshers, especially the native coffee and the fresh buko.

The trail may require a lot of your energy looking to the mountainous surroundings you but beholding the beauty of nature from the top is all worth the walk.

The sea line view in Camp 2 is picturesque that you become proud of yourself upon reaching, but there’s more.
Another 30 minutes to an hour steep up to the middle of a forest to reach the Dinor peak is another adventure surely you will both love and hate but definitely will add to your list of for keeps.

As Edmund Hillary said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves!” 

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