No Crown for the Philippines in Miss Universe 2020

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Many Filipinos, not just in the Philippines but worldwide, felt down after Our Queen Rabiya Mateo did not make it to the Top 10.

As the Philippines is a beauty pageant bandwagon, the broken hearts is a big deal because of the pageant results.

While the competition hyphens its intensity during the whole run of the pageants, Filipinos fans are also going crazy in tiptoes rooting their bets, especially that Rabiya Mateo seems to be in one of the pageant’s favorites.

Rabiya’s face also presents to prior surveys and even visible in the Miss Universe official appearances and shooting events.

Rabiya’s journey to the international stage becomes a little controversial as she won the Miss Universe Philippines as a dark horse contender.

The Pretty Illongga teacher, the public speaker, is very eloquent and intelligent, yet the beauty never slacks in her training and inputted so much effort in the hope to win and bring home the Miss Universe crown.

Rabiya’s glam team, fashion designers, training camp, together with her Miss Universe mentors, sisters, and of course the whole country, are all full support to her journey.

Rabiya’s performance in the local pageant makes her a crowd favorite and a rooster to the crown.

All her photoshoots and video clips before the Miss Universes 2020 competition proper begins wows other beauty pageants experts and critics put her on the watch list.

Philippine’s previous Queens performances, who competed in Miss Universe, set a very high standard for someone who will represent the country, and that alone is Rabiya’s inner fight starts.

The country is packed with a wild audience and critic supporters. All were pointing fingers after Rabia failed to deliver to their standards the original style of her national costume.

The whole country felt very low and brokenhearted when Queen Rabiya wasn’t called to the top 10 and finished the competition in the final 21.

After a long streak for the Philippine contenders gracing the finals round of the Miss Universe, this year seems to be called a rest.

No crown for Miss Universe 2020, nevertheless Rabiya Mateo, you did your best.

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