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The Bajao Girl Rita Gaviola Turns 18



Written by RB Jane

The Bajao Girl Rita Gaviola Turns 18. 2016 when a picture of a beautiful badjao girl went viral on social media, netizens become more intrigued and interested in the stunning street beauty.

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Not long after, the beautiful Badjao girl photograph by Topher Quinto in the busy streets of Burgos, Lucban Lucina Quezon province, during the Pahiyas Festival is identified.

Rita Gaviola rise to fame when her photo went viral. Interviews, photoshoot, and promises of help rains unto the Gaviola Family to help not just Rita alone but also for the whole family.

Rita’s viral photograph opens not just windows but also doors of opportunities. Rita enters showbiz and makes waves for herself as she is one of the Big Brother Season 7 Housemates.


After the short stint in the famous yellow house run by Kuya, Rita did some photoshoots that make her feature more noticeable and admirable.

The status of Rita’s family changed as Rita’s dad was given a job that has a more sustainable financial capacity than usual badjao people do.


Rita’s story of being a badjao girl, her dream to become a teacher, and how she evolves into a beautiful and fine lady inspires many people as Rita’s genuine nature towards her life despite the ways she used to is open for all to see.

May 13, 2021, the viral badjao girl officially turns into a gorgeous lady whose fairy tale birthday is a true wish come true.


Dress in an off-white ball gown, Rita’s delicate, morena tone becomes more sophisticated that the once street beauty is now a lady many admires.

An emotional part of Rita’sbirthday celebration happens when the celebrant dance with her father.

Rita shared in her YouTube video that she is very lucky to have found a stepdad who treats her like a real child.

Photos from Instagram

In the video, Rita is sobbing her heart out in her father’s arms while the two savoring the moment of the father and the debutant dance.

One video of Rita in her YouTube account shares how her mind thinks about things and situations around her and how she speaks her mind, and that dreaming to becomes a beauty queen is one of her innate dreams.

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