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3 Spots to See in Pilan River Eco Park



Written by RB Jane

Traveling long hours to see spectacular places is a delight, and witnessing the wonders of nature is always a favorite thing.

But, I was surprised to know that a very short drive where I live has beautiful offerings and a remarkably satisfying adventure trip.

You will find Sta Cruz’s Municipality not more than an hour drive from the City of Digos. Digos is a barangay of Sta. Cruz, way back before.

An hour walks from the Sinuron Brgy. Hall is where the Pilan River Eco-Park is situated.

A small and prep hanging bridge will greet you upon entering the Pilan River Eco Park.

The hanging bridge will take you to the other side of the river, where a place to hang out and find a little shaded places to set up your things while swimming and strolling up to the three main spots.

The Pilan River Eco Park has three main attractions apart from the diving areas, locals have made a little effort to develop and have deeper water areas suitable for swimming and diving.

One of the Pilan river offerings is the mini rock formation where a pile of jade-like colored rocks along the river’s side in one portion of the river. Right in front of the mini rock formation is the perfect spot to soak yourself in the icy crystal waters of the river.

Another must-see in the Eco park is the Little falls, 5 minutes upstreams the river. You will find beautiful little falls facing giants rocks. This place is the favorite hangout place of the locals in the area. They enjoy the respite in the rocks as you can behold the flowing waters down the river banks.

And, of course, the mini Asik-asik falls. The name itself came from the famous Asik-asik falls in Brgy. Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato.
For someone who also saw the real Asik-asik falls, I am very thrilled and in awe seeing this mini version.

Pilan River Eco Park is located in Brgy. Sinuron, Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur. You can reach the place via service or any local

A 50 pesos environmental fee is collected in front of the Brgy. Hall before the hike to the river starts. You will be assigned a designated and official tour guide for the safety of your adventure.

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