VIDEO: P-pop SB19 Bags Three Awards from the 6th Wish Music Awards

by Admin-Phmp


Written by Cheska Alferez 

The long wait is finally over; the 6th Wish Music Awards successfully pushed through on January 17, Sunday, full of performances from different OPM artists.

The P-pop boy group SB19 is one of the official nominees of the different categories. They are nominated in three major categories; Wish Pop Song of the Year, Wish Group of the Year, and Wish Pop Performance of the Year. They are also nominated for the Wisher’s Choice Award, a special award.

Daily voting’s effort does pay off as SB19 won three out of four awards for this year’s Wish Music Awards. 

Below is the list of categories that they’ve won.

Major Awards

Wish Pop Song of the Year – SB19 “Love Goes” 

Wish Group of the Year – SB19 

Special Awards

 Wishers Choice Award 

While this year’s awarding event is different from the preview ones, the event still carried the same tradition from before; winners of major awards will receive a cash prize worth P 25,000, plus an additional P 100,000 for their chosen beneficiaries. 

As for SB19, their chosen beneficiaries are the House of Refuge Foundation, Inc. 

Special thanks to the fans of SB19 called A’TIN (pronounced as eighteen); with the fan’s full support, the boys were able to bring home those awards. A’TIN made it possible for SB19 to win those, especially the special award in which they also won last year’s Wish Music Awards for having the most number of votes. A’TIN is truly the best and incomparable fandom! 

In connection to that, as SB19 claims their trophies and gives their acceptance speech, they always include their fans ‘A’TIN’ in their message saying their thankyou’s and that the awards they won are A’TIN’s awards too. It really shows the deep and strong bond between them, SB19XATIN indeed! 

On the later part of the awarding, Pinoy Group SB19 had a performance. They first performed their ballad song “Hanggang Sa Huli” with adlibs, high notes, and those lightings that make the song more heartfelt and emotional. Next is their pop song “Alab (Burning),” a sing and dance performance wherein harmonization, synchronization, stage impact, and the overflowing energy are very evident during the performance. 

Plus points are their wardrobe as they did a great job representing themselves as a P-pop group. Donned with a fully black outfit with their group name at the front and the SB19 logo at the back with the Philippine Flag color combination, you can definitely tell that they’re a p-pop group.

Watch this short clip to see a quick glimpse of their outfit at the WMA.  

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