VIDEO: Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee’s Baby Shower and Gender Reveal

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

With more than 9 million followers on her YouTube channel, 2.6 million on Instagram, and followers on her Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts making her one of the most influential bloggers in the country to date.

DoLaiNab bb soon 🥺💛

Posted by Zeinab Harake on Friday, January 15, 2021

On Sunday, January 17, 2 consecutive updates posted in her YouTube account, making all Zebbies jump with their feet and celebrate with Madam.

A star-studded event for all the friends and family of Zainab Harake and Daryl Borja publicly known as Skusta Clee for the reveal of the most awaited baby of the Zeiryl love team. Despite the restrictions on hosting gatherings and events due to Covid 19 pandemic, the whole gang tested and swab for the safety of everyone.

Present in the event are some of the well-known bloggers and personalities name, Loisa Andallo, Donnalyn Bartolome, Jon Gutierrez, and Jelai Andres, Wilbert Tolentino, Aura Briguela, Harake Siblings, the rest of the team Zebbies and productions.

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The team proceeded to a rented yacht with 25 of the close friends and family members for a better view of the prepared firework display for the gender reveal.

The rowdy group is full of excitement and opted to have a on the spot game and debate for the baby’s gender.

The upcoming mother Zainab, is agitated in a nerve racking news to be unfold.

While everyone in the yacht is holding the moment in the moment of excitement, another half of the team Zebbies on the shoreline ready on their camera to capture the bursting of colors for the baby. Blue if it is a boy and pink if the baby is a girl.

Both Zainab and Daryl can’t hold their excitement that keeps everyone in a squeal for the momentum.

Watch This Video:

Emotional Zainab Harake flash for a tight embrace to her partner Daryl Borja when the firework display ended in pink on the night sky of Event Central in Subic Park.

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