Piolo Pascual’s Hand-made Home

by Ellon Labana


Piolo Pascual’s hand-made home.

“The reason why I’ve always wanted to be here was because it’s quite, I have areas where I can just you know, have my quite moment.”

Straight from the mouth of the ultimate heartthrob himself, Papa P opens his breathtaking but humble abode in the sealine of Batangas.

Celebrity doctor Vicky Bello posted a vlog content in her YouTube account together with her husband, the controversial doctor Hayden Co, privilege to enter the home of the most sought after leading man in the entire country in his whole career Mr. Piolo Pascual.

The vlog exclusively takes us to Papa P’s home and lets all of his followers see him in his regular days away from the glam of the showbiz industry.

P openly shares his plantito journey and how he acquired the property down to the details of him being very hands-on on doing the hard work of making his now called home.

Topless, as Piolo, welcomes his visitors while doing some clearing and flatting soil surface. 

Piolo shares that every part of his home is made via bare hands, from putting every piece of rocks and the plants.

Becky shares that Piolo doesn’t like to live in the city anymore. Piolo suddenly becomes so in love with the place. 

Piolo further shared that the property originally was a dead resort where he barred down the old foundation to realize his vision. He wanted to have a sustainable surrounding, where you can grow your food 

He likes to sleep in the open, the deck with no roof and mattress fronting the sea. 

“I practically live here,I like it here better because of nature.”

He most enjoys scuba activity and manual construction. His daily workout was running, swimming, and mainly the construction for the whole day.

Hayden says Piolo is the modern Adam. “Sculpted by God.”

For more details, watch the whole video.


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