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Retirement From The One And Only Angelika P.



Written by RB Jane

Retirement from the one and only Angelika P. “Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit eh!!??LoveOrMoney?” A caption Angelika posted together with the picture on her in a white polo looking out unto the city view from her glass wall.

It was after a year when Angge made a statement of her deciding to retire from making teleserye.

Angge said that now her decision is still the same. She felt that giving half of her life to making teleserye and almost 30 years already, she deserved to give time to herself. She is also entitled to take a rest from making daily drama for the public’s entertainment.

Angelika also shared that her decision wasn’t just an overnight whim and not just a promotional product. Just because she has a press conference, she needs to have a shocking announcement like her quitting from doing teleserye.

Further, the actress mentioned that a lot of thinking and reconsideration took place and weighing everything was done to reach a decision.

Angelika tells everyone that she is not making high of herself for denying a project, especially now that everybody asks for it because of fundamental uncertainties life is facing presently. 

 Angel also noted that she is not closing anything and don’t want to predict the future. What if there is a chance that time will say 20 years from now, and an irresistible project will come that she might change her mind and say yes to it even if she might take back her words and hurt her pride? It should not be a problem doing so, she said.

 As “Walang Hanggang Paalam” will reach its ending, Angelika shares that there are line-up projects for her to do. Yet because of the current protocol implemented by the laws about the COVID-19 restrictions, Angge is way more excited about when it will be pushed through.

Source: ABS-CBN

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