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SB19 bids goodbye to GITZ Era



Written by Cheska Alferez

SB19 bids goodbye to GITZ Era. Ppop Group SB19 uploaded a video to their youtube channel to say goodbye to the ‘Get In The Zone’ Era, February 6, Saturday.

‘Get In The Zone’ is where the boys’ dreams start to come true. Within the GITZ Era, lots of experiences had happened in those days. It is the foundation of a clueless and exciting journey.

“Para kaming infant pa lang, natututo pa lang magcrowl, natututo pa lang gumapang sa mundo. Wala pa kaming malay masyado tapos nangangapa,” Josh said, referring to whom SB19 is during the GITZ Era, which is also one of the questions that can be seen on their video.

In the 14:25 minutes video, there were flashbacks of the boys when they were just trainees up until they became successful artists. There were clips of their performances, concerts such as the GITZ concert, and questions for the boys related to the GITZ Era.

“Para sa akin talaga, pinakahindi ko makakalimutan ay ang debut ng tilaluha,” Stell said pertaining to the question of what is the highlight of GITZ for you.

“Kasi kumbaga nandon na talaga kami sa parang lugar kung saan muntik na talaga kaming sumuko lahat pero kahit dumating kami sa level na yon, nagkaroon pa rin kami ng pagkakataon para ipakilala or makilala pa ng tao yung grupo na SB19 kasi simula pa lang noong nirelease namin yung Tilaluha parang doon kami mas nagkaroon pa ng paniniwala sa sarili namin na parang nakayanan na nating maglabas nang unang kanta, parang kaya na natin tung masundan” Stell ended.

In the last part of the video, they highlighted their fans A’TIN. The boys gave their heart-warming message to their beloved fans, who supported them throughout their GITZ Era.


“A’TIN, atin lahat to.” Pinunong Sejun said.

“Maraming – maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Mahal na mahal ko kayo, mahal namin kayo and for the last time we are going to go up.”

Everything ends, but memories will never fade away, and the GITZ Era is one of that. It may be time to bid farewell, but the GITZ Era is a memorable memory that no one will ever forget.

Now that ‘Bagong Yugto’ is about to start, for sure, A’TIN is now excited for the boys’ much-awaited comeback.

To hear more of their answers to some of the questions, watch their farewell video below.

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