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SB19’s ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ in Jeju Mv is now out on Youtube!

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Written by Cheska Alferez

SB19’s ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ in Jeju Mv is now out on Youtube!. Finally, the much-awaited self-produced MV of Hanggang Sa Huli is now uploaded on SB19’s official Youtube Channel.

Last October 9, 2020, Hanggang Sa Huli’s official music video was finally released. It was an animated MV made by Juju Arts, directed and written by SB19’s bunso, Justin de Dios. At night after the release, the boys had their Facebook live. On that Facebook Live, they mentioned that they would have view goals, and if the Hanggang Sa Huli official MV will have 1.5M views, they’ll upload their Hanggang Sa Huli self-produced mv.

Well, just last night, 8:30 PM (Ph time), they uploaded their music video. It was filmed in Jeju, South Korea, around way back the year 2019.

There were comments from the fans that it feels nostalgic to watch the newly uploaded MV because it reminded them of those days where Ppop group SB19 was still starting to make their name in the music industry.

SB19’s talent is limitless. They are not just a sing and dance boy group. In the last part of the video, some credits were shown. According to it, SB19 is the one who directed it! Note that they were also the ones who wrote the lyrics of the song. What a very multi-talented artist!

The Cinematography, along with the storyline, is well-executed, with those camera angles that perfectly captured and showed the boys’ visuals. They were able to convey the song with those emotions they have shown. All in all, the self-produced MV is lit and very aesthetically pleasing.

No acting is needed, just some clips that show their genuine friendship and brotherhood. This MV of SB19 is so wholesome and pure!

Congratulations on this heart-warming self-produced MV @SB19Official. For more music videos to come, God bless you on your journey.

Haven’t watched the ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ in Jeju MV? Watch it here!

Please be reminded that SB19 will possibly have its comeback next month, February 2021, so brace yourself because, for sure, the Ppop group will give you another song to enjoy!

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