Shabu For Her Birthday

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Shabo for her birthday. A viral video is hitting online as a lady boldly hitting Shabo right along the sidewalk in broad daylight.

Jade Tan took and recorded the video of an older woman who bravely takes Shabo session boldly in the daytime.

The video starts as the camera approaching a sidewalk shelter with a 2 feet cartoon wall hides the woman on a squat, with a bit of covering from the passersby. 

As the man who took the video teasing the woman with “Bumabatak ka! Bumabatak ka!” means you are doing it taking the Shabo, which the woman answers that it is her birthday.

The older woman taking camp on the sidewalk, having a canton around her and her things, serves as a woman’s matting and a small wall covering her and to what she is doing.

The man who took the video even said she would get to the prison because the video will be presented to the police. Still, the woman who seems very hunger to taste and feed her cravings doesn’t have time to stop what she is doing and hide the tools but continues with the deed.

She even has an exchange of words with the one who took the video, saying, “Inaano mo birthday ko!” which means “You are disturbing my birthday!” Then proceeded to her act.

A motorcycle stops and looks at what the man was taking a video of along the street. Another pair of feet was captured in the video, which also checks on the woman.

While the man who took the video continues with his nagging to the elderly, the woman who finishes a strip got up from her squat and picked up her tools one by one. 

The post even has a birthday song to background the whole video.

What This Video:


Posted by Newest Trends PH on Monday, April 12, 2021

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