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Zainab Harake Extends Blessings As She Surprise Her Carpenter



Written by RB Jane

Zainab Harake extends blessings as she surprise her carpenter Kuya Toy. Madam Zebby, as her Team Zebbies, addresses her, but Zainab is way more than just being a madam.

Zainab Harake’s vlog content is full of sharing to others, especially the people around her and the people she always says, “Deserved mo yan!”

The vlog opens with Zebby saying that “Kuya Toy,” her inhouse/on-call carpenter who took care of all the renovations and the one who maintains the house, is very efficient in his craft and that she wanted to give a surprise as payback.

It follows with Zainab, and her driver Jahan, with her sister Rana Harake, both, also are YouTuber visit Kuya Toy in his current work place (one of the rooms in Zainab’s house). The three call unto Kuya Toy to take a break as they take Kuya Toy in the vlog and ask some questions.

Jahan and the Harake sisters were shocked to know that Kuya Toy has eight children that explains why he is working so hard because he has to provide for his family’s needs.

Ching, one of Zainab’s housemates, got a conversation with Kuya Toy, which became the carpenter’s back story’s primary source.  

Kuya Toy’s story made known with the whole team Zebby, where madam Zeb got an idea of helping Kuya Toy and planning a complete surprise package.

Zainab prepared Kuya Toy, a grocery for his whole family, new carpenter tools for Kuya Toy’s future works, and, finally, she gifted Kuya Toy’s family 50,000 pesos to start a new business.

Zainab told Kuya Toy that she wanted to be updated with the new store, and she already promotes the Kuya Toys store in Kainta.

With her way of saying thank you and her ways of showing appreciation to the people around her.

 Zainab is always a source of inspiration to her friends, her fans, and her followers.

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