Vita Bella products now available

by Admin-Phmp

Text and Photos by Henrylito D. Tacio

Are you a person who likes to drink coffee, either hot or cold? Or, do you prefer your drink to be mixed with healthy fruits like watermelon, green apple, passion fruit, and lychee or the all-time favorite malunggay?

Now, you can have it all if you try those Vitabella products.

The Manila-based beverage company started its franchise in 2019 and it was just a matter of time that it spread to other parts of the country. Now, it is also available in Mindanao.

“The company discovered the full potential of the business through distribution,” said Armand A. Mortejo, a young professional who is engaged in various businesses and consultancies in Davao City.

Mortejo is also the managing partner of the G&A Distribution of the Vitabella products. The other managing partner is Ginalyn M. Jabbour. Together, they opened the distributing office located at 154-Camfer Compound, Door 6 and 7, at Bonifacio Street in Davao City.

Vitabella also opened its first branch in Davao City last December at JMC Compounds in McArthur Highway, New Matina Crossing. 

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