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Written by RB Jane

Mountain views, beautiful sceneries, spectacular caves, flower gardens, crystal clear waters, and an underground river, reasons why everyone is saying “WOW Matanao!”.

Matanao is one of the eight municipalities in the Province of Davao del Sur. 

You can reach Matanao riding a jeepney from Digos City or have arranged tour packages available online. 

Another way to enjoy and explore Matanao is by riding a motorcycle and taking a whole day road trip around the place. But mind you, because of many beautiful places one day is not enough.

 And because Matanao’s main product is rice plant, be amazed by a green surrounding towards your trip. 

To ensure that you experience the optimum ride and adventure of one of Davao del Sur pride and rising tourism capital, this checklist of the places you need to visit is provided.

Caves. Perfect for pure adventure and up close to mother nature.

  • S’ubon Cave
Photos from Facebook
  • Asbang Fak Sol Cave

Falls. Enjoy the icy crystal water and the trail to each destination.

  1. Anbang Falls
  2. Labas Bantong Falls
  3. Balnunto Falls
  4. Seven Falls in Colon Sabac

The beautiful viewing decks of the famous flower gardens. One reason why Matanao becomes a top choice for road trip adventures is because of these picturesque places.

  1. Mountain Top
  2. D’farmview
  3. James Haven Views
  4. Forgotten Ranch
Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

Be prepare for the entrance fees but rest assured that those fees are not more than a hundred or even fifty pesos each place because those collected amounts are evident in all the beautification and maintenance the place develops.

For more details regarding exploring Matanao, especially with providing guides and environmental fees, you are free to contact the local tourism office or send them a message on their Facebook page.

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