Zeinab Harake turns into a Disney Princess in her Maternity Shoot

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Written by Cheska Alferez

Zeinab Harake turns into a Disney Princess in her Maternity Shoot. Zeinab Harake turns into a Disney Princess in her Maternity Shoot. A dream come true as Zeinab Harake fulfilled her dream of becoming a Disney princess as she transformed into six different fictional royal characters in her maternity shoot.

On her Instagram page, Harake posted a series of her in different Disney Princess such as Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, and Jasmine— with her all her costumes emphasized her baby bump.

Zeinab revealed that she was the one who planned the set design for the characters for a month. She shared the preparations and behind-the-scenes shots of her magical maternity shoot through a vlog.

It takes a lot of effort because each Disney Princesses have different backdrops to make it more outstanding and realistic.

According to the 22-year-old vlogger, her maternity shoot isn’t the usual one we see from celebrities.

“Nage-enjoy ako kasi pangarap ko talaga ito e. Childhood dream ko talaga ito. Although trabaho ko ito sa mall dati ‘pag Pasko,” Harake told her viewers.

Zeinab said that she was also planning to give her daughter a Disney-themed shoot once she’s born.

Last January, the vlogger and her partner Skusta Clee revealed they are having a baby girl.

In the video clip of their gender reveal, Harake became emotional and burst into tears, saying she’s been praying every night that they would have a daughter.

Zeinab Harake, 22, is one of the most popular vloggers in the country and is known to be the rapper Skusta Clee’s girlfriend (Daryl Borja Ruiz in real life) of Ex Battalion.

Zeinab is one of the most followed online personalities. She has established herself as a powerhouse in social media in the Philippines.

Her official YouTube page has over 9.85 million subscribers and has amassed over 653 million lifetime views since 2017. Meanwhile, her Instagram boasts 2.7 followers, and her Facebook has more than 8.3 million friends.

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