Getaway at Malita Bay

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Getaway at Malita Bay. Take time off from all the busywork. Explore the new road trip adventure and take a dip in the crystal water of Malita Bay.

Davao Occidental is the fifth province officially granted its sovereignty, completing the Davao region enclosing the Davao gulf.

Photo by Bordz Murillo

Malita is east of the Davao Gulf and a shared border of the north to the south Sulawesi Indonesian province.

The beautiful scenic beauty of Malita bay is a perfect choice for staying away from the busy street of the main cities and an opposite view of high towers and buildings.

A long ride of 3 to 6 hours from the Davao City bus terminal going to Malita and further to its last bus stop over the municipality of Don Marcelino.

The perfect spot for a beach day is just along the way from Malita to Don Marcelino road, and because the municipal is just beginning to rise, you can enjoy its affordable cost of living in all aspects.

Photo by Bordz Murillo

The blue sky matches the crystal ocean waters of Malita bay that makes it hardly visible to point the line separates where the sky meets the sea.

Just after you pass the Davao San Miguel Power Station, locally known as the Malita power plant,  you can find locals selling various stones perfect for landscaping.

You could also find a perfect spot to park your car or any service vehicle and experience Malita Bay along the highway.

Photo by Bordz Murillo

Davao Occidental is blessed with beach beauty and the perfect blend of nature with its mountain ranges and natural falls.

Other places that are great to visit in Malita are the Maldives in Tubalan, Arizona Beach Resort, and Jill’s Garden Inland Resort.

You can also stay in the M Square House located in the heart of Poblacion Malita.

As Malita is the newest province in the country, visiting the Malita Museo is also a must-have you can do a little sightseeing.

It’s the place to be for some traveler’s info on the region, the rich culture, and the colorful historical background.

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