Road Plan to Kapatagan

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Road Plan to Kapatagan. Whenever you hear a place to go for a road trip, the next and most crucial question would be, “What is there to see?”.

Kapatagan is one of the 26 barangays of Digos City. You can reach Kapatagan with any land service vehicle.

It is a 3-4 hour travel from Davao City and an hour trip from Digos.
Local public transport is available and very affordable.

Today many van rentals and tours offer packages to come, visit, enjoy and explore the upland place.

The tourism road from Cogon, Digos City up to Kapatagan proper and going to the Municipality of Bansalan will give you a heaven road trip for life.

Apart from the road trip itself, the cold air, tropical fruits, a variety of vegetables, root crops,  the scenic view of the mountains, the gardens, the flowers and of course, the majestic Mt. Apo, this is what you can visit in Kapatagan.

1.The view. Spectacular and only in Kapatagan.

Art Garden of Kublai Millan.  Where the “land of promise” literally lettered. A free park open for all to visit and enjoy. This site is the most pictured place in Kapatagan because you have vast space for rest and pose also has a wide area suitable for first dates and family picnics.

Wine Woods Apo. The best place to hold a private event like weddings and honeymoon.

Lake Mirror Resort. Literally, the lake mirrors the sky, and apart from enjoying the view, they also offer overnight stay in their little house locally called payag.

2.The Falls. Like any other exciting places to visit, Kapatagan also offers many Falls for your day hike and river adventures.

Tudaya Falls is a 100 meters falls and is the tallest waterfall in Mt. Apo Natural Park.

Photos by alchetron

Bacoco Falls. Just along the highway, you park your car and walk down and enjoy the cold water.

Photos by lakingdavao

Virgin Falls. Just imagine why it’s called virgin but rest assured that your going here is worth it.

Photos by Baklay ni Yancy

3.The Water. More than cold, it is icy but super refreshing and relaxing.
TSG Family Resort. Structure, food, and adventure.

Marawer Cold and Hot Spring. A homey but very loving place for the Family to enjoy.

Dhen Yhos Place. Where the view and the amusement meet.

Photos by dadedidhodong

Princess Edness Garden Resort. One of the most beautiful garden and a pool.

Monte Frio Garden Resort. Visit the famous spot.

4.The Cofee. Some say that the native coffee in the place is superb. Of course, the Tibets are alive in here.
Mt. Apo Highlands Resort.

5.The Stay. To truly enjoy the place is to experience the overnight stay.

Road Plan to Kapatagan. Arnaldo’s Peak. Very close to the city yet very nature feels and with complete amenities.

Camp Sabros. Experience the fines, horseback riding, and the one-of-a-kind food place with reach rustic ambiance in foreign feels.  

Photos by dadedidhodong

Wako-wako Peak. If you like to camp, this is your perfect spot. Out in the open, under the stars, inside the tent.

And there’s many, many more. Just take your windows down and enjoy the cool air, the view, and surely you will spot something that will make the road trip a great story and a reason to travel Kapatagan because it is worth the fun!

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