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Spiderman and Captain Marvel went viral in the live video while sleeping



Sleep at the right time is needed by our body to keep it in good condition. Especially now that we are facing a pandemic, health is really one of the things we should pay more attention to.

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But, if given the chance, would you want to document the entire time you slept? Some may be quite quick to dislike this question but vlogger Marnie Saez is game after game to videotape her sleep.

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He was not disappointed because his video, which lasted more than seven hours, garnered millions of views!

In the video, Saez is wearing a Spiderman costume, which is why he is now nicknamed “Pinoy Spiderman.” He also had a woman wearing an iron man costume next to him while he was sleeping, which he called “Iron Girl” in his posts.

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You can see that in the beginning he was actually in full Spiderman costume from head to toe. But in about 20 minutes of the video, it can be seen that he has already taken off the mask he was wearing on his head. Maybe he was already hot or maybe he couldn’t breathe very well so he did it.

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As the video continued, others couldn’t stop themselves from expressing their “haha” reactions because we don’t see this kind of video on the internet every day.

Watch This Video:


Posted by Marnie Saez on Friday, May 14, 2021

After all, people are really just on their own trips. If this is the kind of videos that Pinoy Spiderman loves, surely many will still support him. His Facebook account only has 139,000 followers.

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